Welcome to DHTML Demos.

The site provides demos of the DHTML for version 4 and 5 browsers as well as SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) as it applies to the Real G2 Player. The site also serves as the companion site to my newly released book Dynamic HTML: The HTML Developer’s Guide published by Addison Wesley. The book can be ordered at Amazon.
I’ve added a new donation link to Pay Pal. This is for users who might want to use a couple scripts from the site, but who don’t want to buy the full book. I appreciate it.

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Check out RuleWeb Development’s newest site, Crosscasting.com, a site dedicated to Streaming Media demos. The site highlights the interaction of DHTML and Streaming Media to produce rich video applications.
The book has been doing brisk sales at Amazon. If you’ve enjoyed the book feel free to write a review at Amazon..

In addition to Dynamic HTML: The HTML Developer’s Guide, I am also available to write DHTML, SMIL, Broadband, Interactive TV and Streaming Media articles. A list of my articles can be found here. If you’re interested contact me.

Jeff Rule