St. Regulus or St. Rule


According to an old legend, of which there seem to be three versions, and which is therefore somewhat controversial, St. Regulus, or St. Rule, was the bishop of patras, in Greece, and the custodian of the relics of the martyred apostle St. Andrew. In A.D. 345, in obedience to a vision, he concealed some of these relics, and as directed in a second vision, took them with him when he traveled to the west to found a church to the memory of St. Andrew. After some wandering, he and those who accompanied him, reaching Scotland in A.D. 347 and landed at Muckross or Kilrimont, now St. Andrews, on the east coast of county Fife. Here he is supposed to have erected his church and founded the earliest Christian settlement in commemoration and Thanksgiving. (1) (2)

There are various variations to this legend and the truth about it is somewhat confused. One source of information says that the relics were brought to St. Andrews in A.D. 761 the year Angus I, Kind of the Picts, died. (3)

Karl Baedaker, in speaking of the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral, states that it was the church of a priory of Austin